IManage User Group Meeting with Cloud Upgrades!

iManage User Group Meeting, London, 5th December 2017

Well… even though I’ve been using iManage for the last 12 years or so it was my first iManage User Group meeting!  I took lots of notes and though it would be worth sharing!

IManage have now released a new version in their version 10 product stream. They are still pushing for a clientless application by using the web plugins.  In the demo it seems like they have chrome and the client is html 5 based. As its web based one of the best benefits will be future upgrades will only be on the server backed and there will be no desktop client upgrade.

One of new features added in 10.2 is the ability to subscribe to other users matters. (Hopefully hitting product parity with 9.x now).  Don’t forever security though!  Another feature shown is when using the web client and the end user wants to compare two documents it will integrate with workshare compare, even in a mobile web browser.

Moving in to sharing! You will be able to share a document from the web client too. It seems easy and intuitive but the demo is showing the lawyer share and setting permission to the content.  This is great and a concept and certainly the ‘modern lawyer’ would do this but wonder how this would work in reality.

Outlook 2016 with Work 10 looks very neat. The demo shows Outlook but without Filesite however the EMM toolbar remains. iManage explain how they want to reduce their memory footprint in Outlook and there have been recent issue with the amount of RAM Outlook can address.  This seems like a fair comment but now most of their product is HTML 5 based then this is probably the real reason.

What is shown is the “browser” based view on the right hand pane in Outlook. It still allows drop and drag functionality but it’s now a web based. You can also drag and drop induvial email attachments.  When you compose a new email you can drag documents from the interface too.

Within Word the file open dialog is new but it’s actually the same as the web client. Once the document is open the user can see the properties and a document open in a pane on the right. This now also includes additional information such as all edits, calendar views, etc.  This extra inform looks very useful!

Ravn now integrates with Work 10 and a zero cost replacement to IDOL.  Once the platform is in place the data is there to build on with further ravn products.

New updated security policy manager offers new feature where each file can be individually encrypted.  This would mean if any user has direct access to the files then they would not be able to read/view them. All traffic is also encrypted using TLS between the client and server.  The old “God” accounts are gone too.  All access is secure. Rather than having specific passwords they instead leverage other technologies such as ADFS.

It seems more and more and more firms are dropping internal “Public” access to workspace in preference of “Need to know”.  Security policy manager can deliver a need to know and ethical wall policies. It will also secure windows shares and share point sites too! The new version 1.2, has many new features. The example shows a matter list from Elite and user groups for AD demoing pulling in data from other sources/systems.  Administration delegation is possible perhaps suggestion that it could be managed by a Risk department rather than IT.  One of the big thing I like and isn’t new is any security changes made resulting in document updates are applied instantly and no longer need to refine documents and emails.

IManage cloud is built on many technologies with a lot of automation to avoid human error. Docker and Mesos seem to be the main clustering platforms that help with fast upgrade processing.  The cloud document processing service is called Storm which was developed by Twitter which can process very high volumes of data.  IManage projects that can process around 10+ million documents per hour.

The cloud offering is also very fault tolerant with at least four copies of every document.  Two in two of the same datacentres and with the data centres two are stored in difference sectors. There was also a technology called “Swift technologies” check for bit rot as well as more traditional disk failures.


Wow… what a great day.  Lots of information to digest.  Maybe next time I’ll do a podcast 😉

I’m really happy to see the amount of process with the iManage cloud offering.  I feel product parity is very important and we can now only just create workspaces automatically.  At least that solved!

I’m left wondering when I should upgrade to iManage cloud as the development is so quick and useful.  I guess the answer is now as I don’t need to do anything to receive the updates as they always in the cloud! 🙂


vExpert 2017 Award

I was very pleased to read that I have been awarded vExpert status for 2017.  I feel very privileged! It’s a fantastic community to be involved in and one of the best technical groups out there by a long way.  Thanks to Steve Bruck who listens to me and adds some humour to our vNews podcast!

All the details for the vExpert announcement can be found at:

I’ll look forward to getting to a London VMUG soon!


VMworld 2016 Review – vNews is Alive!!

vnewsYes, your podcast catcher is not deceiving you. vNews is back!

After a year of radio silence Steve Bruck and I are back with a new edition of everyone’s favourite Virtualisation News Review show.

In this episode Steve and I chat through the news and product releases from VMworld 2016.

So if you don’t have the time to read all the blogs from vMUGgers who attended or if you have missed our dulcit tones then worry no more simply download this episode and enjoy our run down of the facts and figures of VMworld 2016.

Below are our show notes should you wish to follow the links we mention in the podcast.


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vNews October 2016 – VMworld Europe – Be Tomorrow

Welcome to vNews.

My name is Stu (@stu_mchugh) and as always with Steve (@vcolossus) or

VMworld Keynote 2016

VMware Advances Cross-Cloud Architecture with New Releases of vSphere, Virtual SAN and vRealize Solutions to Drive IT and Developer Productivity


VMworld 2016 Europe: Short list of major announcements and resources

Posted by Achim Stohr on October 20, 2016

Move workload between VMware and AWS

Frank Denneman joins vmware to run with the AWS integration

Introducing vSphere 6.5 By Charu Chaubal

VMware Introduces Kubernetes as a Service on Photon Platform



It’s been a while

From time to time friends of mine have a break at blogging and then out of the blue there’s an update. Sometimes it’s reads a bit like an obituary. Today it’s my turn but I’m alive and kicking!  Always thinking and getting on with life and my career.

I’ve been known in Cloud and VMware circles for sometime now but in the last few years I’ve been focusing my energy on IT management. From Change Manager to engineer back to management level with a team to run. I didn’t want this to turn into my CV but I’m now currently working as an IT Manager in law firm in central London.

The VMware community is a fantastic group to be involved with.  I first presented at the London VMware user group back in 2009 encouraged from my boss at the time (Angela Conner) and helpful guidance from the LonVmug team and regulars, Aleric, Stuart, Simon, Mike and Jane.

I certainly keep my passion for IT and a more basic, high level of making sure IT works for us and not the other way round.  I’ll continue to do this whether is recording podcasts or getting out into the IT community to compare common challenges.  When is the next London VMUG or Legal IT event?

I’m not going to read this post back too many time so appologies for typo’s and grammer, but just wanted to get something written and posted.  To use a rugby reference, a few points on the board is sometimes as good a a try.

Now I must email Steve and see if he want to record another podcast!

It’s that Friday feeling… and #vExpert 2016!

Well it’s that special time again.  Friday…. and to add to that it’s vExpert announcement day!!  I’ve very pleased to be awarded this again for 2016.

VMW-LOGO-vEXPERT-2016-kI have been quite far away from being able to tinker which an technie fun for a while but am now appreciating what VMware does from other angles such as management and great hardware partnerships.

Thanks to Corey Romero and the rest of the VMware Social Media & Community Team.


We’re Back!! – vNews October 2015… again!

We’re Back!! – vNews October 2015… again!

Welcome to vNews ….

vnews-smallWell…. it’s been too long and we’re well overdue our monthly podcast cast so I managed to track down Steve in Spain and wouldn’t let him back in Blighty until we have at least spoken on Skype!  Here’s how it went… including the show notes!


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Show Notes

Steve went to VMworld 2015!

….and bumped into friendly faces from the London VMUG

LonVMUG – Alumni
Alex Galbraith
Dave Simpson
Darren Woollard – Nutanix
Mike Laverick
Stu Thompson
Damian Davies
Dan Willis
Julian Wood
Alan Renouf


The UK VMUG is very soon!  User Con

Date: Thursday 19 November 2015

Time: 8:00 – 17:00

Location: National Motorcycle Museum

Coventry Road, Solihull

West Midlands B92 0EJ


Small announcement…. Dell buys EMC for a cool $67 Billion!!


Internet of Things – Intel IoT Solution Gateway.
General Session Wednesday – Boxer welcomed to VMware.


Project A2 – AirWatch + AppVolumes

“EUC will Rock You” – Embarrassing chant

Martin Casado – NSX 6.2. Customer with snakeskin jacket and punisher t-shirt
NSX for Amazon Web Services. Seamlessly link internal and external cloud network

Automation of vCloud Air – vCA Platform is API friendly.

Retrieve endpoint connections for relative vCloud as JSON object. Contains OrgName and SessionURL. This can be used for vCD (vCloud Air) and DBaaS offerings

vca-cli built on pyvcloud – multi platform. PowerCLI – Windows only
Can work on vCloud Air and also on vCD standalone
Supports portal functionality and beyond.

VSAN – 2 or 3 node cluster?
vNuma & pNuma –

We’re Back!! – vNews March 2015

Welcome to vNews ….

…..for all important  virtualisation and cloud news.

We read the blogs and press releases so you don’t have too.

All the news in a nugget of a 1 hour podcast for your commute by train, car, bike, or whilst watching an eclipse!

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We know we have been as overdue as King Richard III’s car parking ticket but we are back with this brand new episode for March 2015.

Show Notes

On this episode we chatted about:-

Who we are!

Who the devil are these two who keep chatting on the Podcast anyway?

VCP Renewal – New date

New vCloud Air Recovery as a Service v 2.0

CloudExpo 2015 Excel Center

Steve says he’s been to better but what do you think?

Veeam and vSphere 6.0

London VMUG and vBeers – London,UK (Thursday 23rd April 2015)

Technology User Group (formerly Virtual Machine User Group)

London User Group
Thursday 14th May 9am-4.30pm
Grange St Paul’s Hotel, London, EC47 5AJ

Register at: –

vNews UK VMUG 2014 – Special Edition


Download from iTunes by searching for vNews or download from

I was lucky enough to attend the forth UK wide VMUG a couple of weeks ago up north (for me) and attend many of the excellent session both from vendor’s and sometimes more importantly the community themselves!

If there is only one VMUG I get to a year, then it the national one.  There were over 35 vendors and and around 40 presentations all happening on one day.  I managed to arrive a day early and attend the vCurry and meet up with some friends there and get ready for the full day of tech bombardment the next day,

I managed to record a few interviews there from some excellent informed professionals such as Chris Deardon, Darren Woolard, Jonathan Medd, Ather Beg, Stuart Thompson and Cormack Hogan.  Thanks to Veeam, Xtravert, Nutanix and Pure Storage.  Make sure you click on the link about to download or search for vNews in iTunes.

Happy Anniversary to my co-host Steve Bruck who couldn’t be with me on the podcast this month as he was gallivanting away in NYC!  Happy Anniversary and to Mrs Bruck!

Happy listening!

vNews October 2014 – EVO:RAIL Interview with Mike Laverick


Download from iTunes by searching for vNews or download from

Interview with Mike Laverick: EVO:RAIL Team Tech Marketeer/Evangelist

Mike Joined the new VMware EVO:RAIL Team as a Tech Marketeer/Evangelist in September 2014.

According to the bumpf:

“VMware EVO:RAIL™ combines compute, networking, and storage resources into a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance to create a simple, easy to deploy, all-in-one solution offered by VMware qualified partners. (See the EVO:RAIL product page for more information: )”


But we decided to pull in a few past favours and drag Mike onto the show to answer some more pertinent questions about this new venture for VMware.

These are some of the questions that we cover during our chat with Mike (and many more!):

  • What is EVO?
  • What is the difference between the EVO:RAIL and EVO:RACK?
  • What does VMware see as the “killer App” or use case for Hyper-convergence, over and above just a converged infrastructure?
  • What is the anticipated lead time for EVO:RACK/RAIL?
  • What are the Licensing implications?
    • Is it available only via OEM on new purchases?
    • What about customers with ELAs
  • How does it differ from equivalents – e.g. Nutanix, Simplivity?
  • What Advantages, disadvantages does it have over the above?
  • Can EVO handle split site architectures?
  • When will the stack support
    • SRM?
    • VCAC?
    • VCOps?
  • Will there be Virtualization of Business Critical Applications collateral / papers / guidance to follow ? e.g. Oracle, SQL, SAP, Exchange
  • How do VMware envisage the solution will be automated?
  • What does the Future bring? – New flavours to come?

During the interview Mike mentioned an impartial review of Hyper-converged infrastructure from Trevor Pott on SpiceWorks which can be found here:

Mike also mentioned that the JSON configuration file for EVO:RAIL can be edited and he has kindly provided this file as an example of how it can be amended to customise the installation process. (Don’t worry Mike the passwords have been altered to protect the guilty 😀 )


    "network": {
       "dhcp": false,
       "hosts": {
           "management": {
               "pools": [{
                   "minIp": "",
                   "maxIp": ""
               "netmask": "",
               "gateway": ""
           "vsan": {
               "pools": [{
                   "minIp": "",
                   "maxIp": ""
               "netmask": "",
               "vlanId": 0
           "vm": [{
               "name": "Production",
               "vlanId": 110
           }, {
               "name": "Development",
               "vlanId": 120
           }, {
               "name": "Staging",
               "vlanId": 130
           "vmotion": {
               "pools": [{
                   "minIp": "",
                   "maxIp": ""
               "netmask": "",
               "vlanId": 0
       "vcenter": {
           "ip": ""
    "hostnames": {
       "hosts": {
           "prefix": "esxi-node",
           "separator": "",
           "iterator": "NUMERIC_NN"
       "tld": "vmworld.local",
       "vcenter": "vcenter"
    "passwords": {
       "esxiPassword": "Password1!",
       "esxiPasswordConfirm": "Password1!",
       "vcPassword": "Password1!",
       "vcPasswordConfirm": "Password1!",
       "activeDirectoryDomain": "",
       "activeDirectoryUsername": "",
       "activeDirectoryPassword": "",
       "activeDirectoryPasswordConfirm": ""
    "global": {
       "logging": "SYSLOG",
       "timezone": "UTC",
       "loginsightServer": "",
       "loginsightHostname": "",
       "ntpServerCSV": "",
       "syslogServerCSV": "",
       "dnsServerCSV": "",
       "proxyServer": "",
       "proxyPort": "",
       "proxyUsername": "",
       "proxyPassword": ""

VMworld US 2014 Roundup


This year’s VMworld 2014 in the U.S. promised to be a doozy and it certainly succeeded!

Although neither Steve nor I could make it in person this year that didn’t stop us being glued to our Twitter feeds and Blogger-verse to glean every last morsel of information we could get our paws on to bring you this cracking new Podcast Roundup of what we thought were the important take homes from this year’s conference.

As promised here are the show notes so simply download the podcast from here or subscribe to us on iTunes by searching for vNews.

Sit down; Relax and let Steve and I do the conference floor walking whilst you enjoy the spoils!

VMworld 2014

The General Session on Tuesday with demos of most of the things we will be talking about has been published on YouTube here:

Introducing the VMware EVO Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions

August 25, 2014

ByChris Wolf

Meanwhile …..

Simplivity Converged Infrastructure Adds Cisco UCS

OmniStack Integrated Solution with Cisco UCS empowers you with the following:

  1. You can set up global VM-centric policies, manage workloads in the federation and automate common tasks. This allows you to be more agile and efficient, and reduces your operational costs. OmniStack’s VM-centric approach shifts policies from underlying hardware components to workloads, enabling greater mobility and agility.
  2. You gain integrated data protection with VM-level backup policies and WAN-optimized replication to a second site or the cloud for disaster recovery and cost effective, off-site backup.
  3. OmniStack data virtualization platform manages data segments in 4K to 8K chunks and deduplicates redundant segments before data hits disk, eliminating unnecessary read/write IO. Deduplicating, compressing and optimizing data in real time saves IOPS and capacity on primary storage and throughout the workload’s lifecycle

Use Cases:

  1. ROBO/Multi-Site Central Management Projects – SimpliVity and Cisco enable unified Remote Office/Branch Office Management projects by providing data mobility services and the ability to manage remote OmniStack-powered hyperconverged infrastructure from one location and interface
  2. All-in-one IT modernization projects for broad sets of applications including mission-critical applications
  3. Backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity projects
  4. Data migration, as well as merger and acquisition projects
  5. Development, test, and QA projects
  6. Technology refresh projects

vRealize Suite: Managing Your Hybrid Cloud

August 25, 2014


Welcoming A New Member To The VMware Family – CloudVolumes

August 20, 2014


VMware + Containers = Containers without Compromise

August 12, 2014


VMWorld TV Highlights


Jeremy Van Doorn (@JCvanDoorn)

Eric Sloof (@esloof)

  • GiveBack raised $250,000 for charity

 VMware supporting OpenStack

In the same way RedHat supports Open Source Linux VMware is to support OpenStack on vSphere. VMware will provide packaging of OpenStack

 vSphere 6.0 in Beta

….. but should be available next year

  • vmtn/vspherebeta – Still under NDA but open Beta
  • Content Library which replicates files such as templates and ISOs between vCenters
  • vMotion cross vSwitch / Portgroup
  • vMotion between vCenters provided they are network accessible. Different everything “vTeleport”
  • Long Distance vMotion upto 100ms downtime. SRM still manages DR but this would allow small numbers of VMs dependent on bandwidth
  • Web Client optimized especially response times. Now more closely reflects the .NET client.
  • .NET client will be updated to manage virtual hardware version 10
  • FT now supports upto 4vCPUs. Instantaneous failover now possible.
  • vVols extended to use external drive pools. All vendors supporting EMC; NetApp; IBM; HP; Dell; etc

Do you have a highlight from VMworld? Let us know in the comments section below and we will try to spotlight it in upcoming editions of the podcast.