Not just another tablet!? – Cisco Cius and VXI


Cisco now have a new acronym to learn now!  A play of the already popular VDI, Cisco had created VXI which stands for Virtualisation eXperience Infrastructure.  Also to add some new hardware to the pot they have created what every other company in the far east have made at CES this year.  That’s right, a tablet.  It’s called the Cisco Cius.  This does look like a very interesting and useful business tool.  It is essentially a tablet running Android and has 3g connectivity so I can imagine you can make voice phones calls with it.  The cleaver part is that you can dock it to do many other things.  Once docked in your office phone docking station it will be you office VOIP land line number with video conferencing ability as it has a forward facing camera.  Also you can plug a screen keyboard and mouse into the dock and will serve you a VDI desktop.  This is the most business focused tablet I’ve seen so far!