Keep track of the VMware Top 25 Bloggers

Those of you less fortunate and don’t have an iPad (including myself!) can keep track of the top 25 (+1 )  via a very useful service I stubbled upon.  It basically aggregates RSS feeds and formats into a nice PDF with 2 columns and you can have it e-mail to your inbox.  I just print it out before I leave and read it on the commute.

All you need is the website link:

….. and you will find a list of the top 25 bloggers RSS feeds attached, as voted by and discussed on the excellent podcast vChat.


I hope you find this useful!

Chinwag with Mike – Stu McHugh [Episode 27]

I have been very privileged and been a guest in the infamous Mike Lavericks Chinwag podcast.  I have spoken about my experiences with installing VMware View with the company I work at.

It still early in the discovery of the product for me but these are my first impressions….