Your Cloud. vSphere 5.0

Paul Maritz presented today in a special VMware presentation.  He talks about

Being cost affective

New people; the “‘New Facebook Generation”

New generations of applications which are device independent

Three stages:

1 IT Production

2.Business productions

3. Transformation (IT as a server)

We are just reaching 50% of all workloads are virtulised.  It’s an exciting time to get the other 50% virtualised also!

Cloud infrastructure Suite

  • vSphere 5.0 – for automation
  • SRM for business continuity
  • vCenter Operations for monitoring and management
  • vshield security for virtulaised security
  • vCloud director for policies, reporting and self-service (for the iPad also)

vSphere 5.0 Features

  • vCloud director linked clones
  • Pool-driven storage with Storage DRS
  • vSphere storage appliance 1.0 (for the SMB)
  • Autodeploy

Lots of things launching all at once!  To name some:

New training –

and books –