where to download the Dell vSphere ESXi 5 ISO from

Just a quick post to bookmark where to download the Dell branded vSphere ESXi ISO with all the Dell drivers pre-installed.  This link is just for the rather common R710:


Once you are at the above page click on the “Operating Systems” Drop down and select ESXi5.0 from the list.  Now scroll down and expand “Enterprise Solutions” and there you will see the links to download.


Error installing vSphere client on Windows 8 RTM – UPDATE 3 – FIXED!

Update 3 – FIXED – 7th January 2013

VMware have finally fixed the problem in the latest release of the vSphere server which time of writing is 5.1b.  Make sure you install build 913577 of which the installation will be something like VMware-viclient-all-5.0.0-913577.exe  Download from www.vmware.com

Update 2 – 27th November 2012

For history please read below but I’m sure this problem is fairly well known now.  The best work around in my opinion is the excellent Xtravirt vSphere RDP plug-in.  Once installed this allows the user to right-click on the guest and RDP to it!  Excellent! Problem solved!  It even lets you specify the “/Admin” switch so you can get straight to the console.  The download does specify that this is for vsphere 4 but seems to work fine ion my vSphere 5.0 client fine.  Link below:


I tried to install the vSphere client 5.0 on windows 8 RTM but got the following message:

“This product can only be installed on Windows XP SP2 and above”

That’s weird as it is above Windows XP!  There are a few ways round this but the quickest method I found is too simply download the EXE rather than just running it straight from the website then locating the file usually called “VMware-viclient.exe”.  Now right click on the file and select “Properties”, the click on the “Compatibility” Tab.  In the “Compatibility mode” section tick the box for “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and then select “Windows 7”.  click OK and then run the installer!

You will find it works after that!

Failing that you can always us the ThinApp’s vSphere client Fling over at:



So after all that you may realise that you can open and use the client fine up until you open the console of a guest.  Then you will receive a message something like “The VMRC console has disconnected… attempting to reconnect”

After some more research others have pointed out that this is because of an issue with the compatibility of IE 10.  The only work around I know of at the moment is to install VMware Workstation and connect to the vCenter server from there.  Using this method does show the console and I have logged in successfully!


vNews August 2012 – with Stu McHugh and who?

vNews is still going but with a new presenter!  Mike has moved on but things are still ticking at base camp!

The Direct download is just below:


RSS link below:


iTunes Link


See below for show notes and links:

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VMware View in an SMB? Absolutely!

“The year of VDI”.  Have you heard this before or somewhere else?

VMware View is a great solution. A proven and tested solution that fits many different businesses of different sizes but most interesting in different ways.

Check out the podcast Mike Laverick recorded with me for some information.



June and July’s vNews is now out!

It’s a little later than usually but we have any action packed 1 hour long podcast of virtualisation news from Citrix, Microsoft and VMware.

Topic’s include

  • New Books
  • Having your cake & eating – SRM & VMware HA together
  • Cloud Certifications
  • ThinApp Factory
  • Recovering Free Space from Thin Virtual Disks
  • VMware acquire people
  • Free socialcast
  • VMworld
  • Zimbra 8
  • Financial results
  • Citrix VDI and Microsoft Hyper-v stuff!!

The links are over on Mike Laverick’s site: http://www.rtfm-ed.co.uk/2012/08/03/vnews-the-olympic-2012-special/

If you have any comments or show suggestions then please contact me.