Linux virtual machine on ESXi 5.0 having network no connection

The had no network connectivity even though the configuration on the virtual networking looked fine.

The problem was that the mac address of the virtual hardware nic and the mac address of CentOS’ nic were not the same.  They need to be for it to work.

See screen shots below:









VMware vSphere 5.1 available for download

After the announcement at VMworld vSphere 5.1 is now available for download.  There are lots of new features and advanced features available in more cost effective versions.

  • The usual larger vCPU and vRAM per guest has gone up along with vm hardware 9.  This is great as there is no more vTax!
  • vMotion is now available in Standard version of vSphere.
  • After this upgrade of VMware tools for your guest, subsequent tools upgrades will not require reboots.
  • vSphere Web client will now be the core admin tool.

For more info see the PDF below.

Also fresh out if the accompanying PowerCLI 5.1

Alan Renouf has blogged about it on the official VMware blog.

After all this excitement the word on the street is VMworld!

VMworld Europe isn’t far away and you can still book tickets at:

VMworld is 9th – 11th October in Barcelona.