vNews Podcast Returns After Long-Awaited Hiatus!


As happens with all good US sitcoms and action serials vNews has been on somewhat of a hiatus over the past couple of months but is back now with an episode that we recorded way back in November 2013 at the UKVMUG that occurred in the National Motorcycle Museum near Birmingham in the UK.

This episode includes interviews with:

  • Michael Poore and Darren Woollard of Xtravirt
  • Cormac Hogan and Mike Laverick of VMware
  • Jonathon Medd of the Get-Scripting podcast fame
  • Maish Saidel-Keesing of Cisco
  • Stuart Thompson a member of the UKVMUG organising committee
  • and ….. Joe Baguley VMware CTO EMEA

Although a couple of the dates mentioned are a little stale the content is still well worth a listen!

The show notes Blog and Twitter details for the interviewees are as follows:

We hope you enjoy and we will be back again soon!


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