VMworld 2016 Review – vNews is Alive!!

vnewsYes, your podcast catcher is not deceiving you. vNews is back!

After a year of radio silence Steve Bruck and I are back with a new edition of everyone’s favourite Virtualisation News Review show.

In this episode Steve and I chat through the news and product releases from VMworld 2016.

So if you don’t have the time to read all the blogs from vMUGgers who attended or if you have missed our dulcit tones then worry no more simply download this episode and enjoy our run down of the facts and figures of VMworld 2016.

Below are our show notes should you wish to follow the links we mention in the podcast.


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vNews October 2016 – VMworld Europe – Be Tomorrow

Welcome to vNews.

My name is Stu (@stu_mchugh) and as always with Steve (@vcolossus)

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VMworld Keynote 2016


VMware Advances Cross-Cloud Architecture with New Releases of vSphere, Virtual SAN and vRealize Solutions to Drive IT and Developer Productivity


VMworld 2016 Europe: Short list of major announcements and resources

Posted by Achim Stohr on October 20, 2016


Move workload between VMware and AWS

Frank Denneman joins vmware to run with the AWS integration


Introducing vSphere 6.5 By Charu Chaubal


VMware Introduces Kubernetes as a Service on Photon Platform




It’s been a while

From time to time friends of mine have a break at blogging and then out of the blue there’s an update. Sometimes it’s reads a bit like an obituary. Today it’s my turn but I’m alive and kicking!  Always thinking and getting on with life and my career.

I’ve been known in Cloud and VMware circles for sometime now but in the last few years I’ve been focusing my energy on IT management. From Change Manager to engineer back to management level with a team to run. I didn’t want this to turn into my CV but I’m now currently working as an IT Manager in law firm in central London.

The VMware community is a fantastic group to be involved with.  I first presented at the London VMware user group back in 2009 encouraged from my boss at the time (Angela Conner) and helpful guidance from the LonVmug team and regulars, Aleric, Stuart, Simon, Mike and Jane.

I certainly keep my passion for IT and a more basic, high level of making sure IT works for us and not the other way round.  I’ll continue to do this whether is recording podcasts or getting out into the IT community to compare common challenges.  When is the next London VMUG or Legal IT event?

I’m not going to read this post back too many time so appologies for typo’s and grammer, but just wanted to get something written and posted.  To use a rugby reference, a few points on the board is sometimes as good a a try.

Now I must email Steve and see if he want to record another podcast!