Re-size Virtual Machine

First use VMKFSTOOLS to expand the VMDK file.  Putty onto the ESX box and type

1. vmkfstool – X  10g servername.vmdk

This will expand the file to 10gig.  note. the X has to be uppercase and the vmdk should not be the one that ends with  ‘-flat’.

Mount something like BartPE to the virtual machine and boot from it.  Once loaded open and command prompt and type the following:

2. diskpart

3. list volume (note the number of the volume you want to expand)

4. select volume x (x = the volume number)

5. extend

6. exit

All done!

Reserve IP Ports for Interwoven Imanage

Registry key to reserve port ranges.  This is very useful when others services grab ports that you need for other designated applications or services.  Copy and paste the following into a text file then rename the files file extention to .reg and double click.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00