The Excellent and Welcoming VMware and vExpert Community

Generous companies have some generous offering since the vExpert announcement however there are still lots of others out there!  Here’s my list including the vExpert only offerings:

A fellow London VMUG’r, Simon Seagrave over at has kindly supplied everyone with a link the the EMC VNX and Celerra Virtual Storage Appliance.  An excellent and essential companion to a home lab!

Veeam is giving away FREE 180-day NFR licenses for 2 sockets of Veeam® Backup Management Suite™ for VMware or Hyper-V for your home or work lab.

FREE Licenses of Backup Exec V-Ray Edition for VMware vExperts, VMware Certified Professionals (VCP) and VMware Certified Instructors (VCI)

David Davis from has made it possible for all 2013 vExperts to get a free one year subscription to their training material.  That’s a very generous gift which I’m sure will help me along the way.

The good people at Timtri are offering VMware vExperts a free t-shirt!

And always make sure you subscribe to the vNews podcast with following links:



London VMUG September 2009

Yesterday I attended the VMware user group meeting and have recorded the main points of what I learned.

With the new version of the vSphere (ESX) there is an option to buy an optional switch from Cisco. This is a virtual switch which replaces your traditional virtual switches in side vCenter. Here are some of the key advantages. • You will be able to monitor counters and interrogate SNMP between virtual machines. In the past you have not been able to do this as the network traffic will never leave a host. • You only need to setup one ‘port profile’ per vcenter resulting in have only one virtual switch. Now you will not need to worry about having a switch on each host with exactly the same name and port groups. (this function is also available in vSphere and not just a Cisco benefit. VMware’s version is called ‘distributed switches’) • The virtual switch is represented as a virtual machine in your environment and can have a hot standby if it needed to be invoked.

Cisco sponsored the event and spoke about their new product called Unified Computing System or UCS. This is Cisco’s venture into making servers along with EMC which they own a large part of. It sounded very interesting but details were sketchy as it’s not officially released yet. It also seems to be aimed at large companies as they gave example of potential customers buying between 4 – 8 cabinets worth!

The last part worth mentioning was VMware’s new virtual desktop offering after acquiring a company called (some think like) Teradechi. The main part of this new offering is that now the VDI solution has a much richer multimedia experience for end users using a thin client.